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Jan 2018 - Und tschüss, Mitarbeiter!Die Zeit

Jan 2018 - Leiden Frauen oder Männer?, Frankfurter Allgemeine

Jan 2018 - Computer kosten vor allem Männer ihre StellenFrankfurter Allgemeine

Jan 2018 - Why 'Frankenstein' Is More Relevant Than EverEsquire

Jan 2018 - Digitale Intelligenz – oder digitale Dummheit?, Bayerischer Rundfunk

Jan 2018 - Kollege RoboterBerliner Morgenpost

Jan 2018 - To Resist the Robots, Invest in PeopleProject Syndicate

Dec 2017 - The Robots Are Coming, and Sweden Is FineNew York Times

Dec 2017 - The robots are coming for your job — but that might turn to be out for the best, The Times

Dec 2017 - Amazon’s new headquarters promises 50,000 jobs — but the corporate jobs of the future may not last forever,  Business Insider

Dec 2017 - Will Robots Take Our Children’s Jobs?New York Times

Dec 2017 - Rage Against the Machine?Project Syndicate

Dec 2017 - Weckruf der Roboter, Handelsblatt

Dec 2017 - Swedish robot guru: These are the crucial skills to survive when AI butchers the job marketBusiness Insider

Dec 2017 - Svenske stjärnekonomen: Här kommer jobben försvinnaDagens Industri

Dec 2017 - Wie gefährlich ist Künstliche Intelligenz?Der Tagesspiegel

Dec 2017 - Her er robotguruens beste råd til deg som vil unngå å miste jobbenDagens Naeringsliv

Nov 2017 - Bitcoin business can grow faster without barriers: EconomistThe Gulf Today

Nov 2017 - Meet your new cobot: is a machine coming for your job?The Guardian

Nov 2017 - Robots are not the enemy — it’s time to embrace themThe Times

Nov 2017 - Svenske Oxford-snillet: Så här överlever du jobbslakten som väntarVeckans Affärer

Nov 2017 - Tech CEO Says We’ll Wind Up Fixing the Robots That Take Our JobsFortune

Nov 2017 - Politicians Aren’t Talking About the Biggest Challenge to the Labor MarketThe Atlantic

Oct 2017 - Hillary Clinton could have been president if not for robots, a new study saysCNBC

Oct 2017 - Hillary Clinton would be president if there were fewer robots in the workplace, study saysBusiness Insider

Oct 2017 - From climate change to robots: what politicians aren’t telling usFinancial Times

Oct 2017 - The shape of work to comeNature

Oct 2017 - The second RenaissanceNature

Oct 2017 - Business Impact In These Small Cities, AI Advances Could Be CostlyMIT Technology Review

Oct 2017 - 100 Women: Who's going to lose out from automation?BBC News

Oct 2017 - Machines won’t replace us, but they can divide, Korea Joongang Daily

Oct 2017 - Uber's eviction from London, Al Jazeera

Oct 2017 - Let Them Eat Basic IncomesHuffington Post

Oct 2017 - Jeder achte Arbeitnehmer fühlt sich durch Roboter ersetzbarFrankfurter Allgemeine

Oct 2017 - No Work Left to DoHarvard Political Review

Oct 2017 - Will robots bring about the end of work?, The Guardian

Sep 2017 - Robot shock threatens the most vulnerable communitiesFinancial Times

Sep 2017 - Automation threatens to make today’s migration crisis look like a mere fleabiteThe Telegraph

Sep 2017 - Automation: is Trump ignoring potential job losses?The Times

Sep 2017 - Ecco come Industria 4.0 può creare oltre 40 mila posti di lavoro ogni anno, Il Sole 24 Ore

Sep 2017 - 15 middle-class jobs that can’t be automated—a CBR thought experimentChicago Booth Review

Sep 2017 - Beyond the end of workHuffington Post

Sep 2017 - Supermercati automatizzati? Mettono a rischio due posti di cassiere su treLa Stampa

Sep 2017 - Joe Biden opposes Mark Zuckerberg and other execs on giving Americans free cash handoutsCNBC

Sep 2017 - Nya tider kräver nya kunskapeDagens Industri

Sep 2017 - The only way to stay ahead of the robots taking over our jobs is to start now, says the founder of 'blue collar LinkedIn'Business Insider

Sep 2017 - La fórmula del guión de Lost y lo que pasa de moda muy rápidoLa Nacion

Sep 2017 - Microsoft Is Making AI Boring, and That's Either Great or ScaryMIT Technology Review

Sep 2017 - “Attenti ai robot: in Italia a rischio 3 milioni di posti”, La Stampa

Sep 2017 - È ora di investire nei settori che danno più lavoro (con o senza robot)WIRED

Aug 2017 - Are we on the brink of a jobless future?PBS NewsHour

Aug 2017 - The Job-Stealing Robot Apocalypse May Be Worse Than Previously ThoughtVanity Fair

Aug 2017 - Retail jobs will 'vanish' due to technologyBusiness Insider

Aug 2017 - Automation and the Voters National Review

Aug 2017 - Nu är det bevisat – automatiseringen föder populismSvenska Dagbladet

Aug 2017 - Men Will Lose the Most Jobs to Robots, and That's OKWIRED

Jul 2017 - From fubatics to roboticsBoston Globe

Jul 2017 - White House comedy distracts America from the age of automation and looming job lossesSouth China Morning Post

Jul 2017 - Switching Careers Doesn’t Have to Be HardThe New York Times

Jul 2017 - Machines v ManpowerBBC World Service

Jul 2017 - Are Trump Voters More At Risk Of Automation?Huffington Post

Jul 2017 - Oxford University study reveals the real reason Donald Trump won the 2016 US electionThe London Economic

Jul 2017 - Robots for Trump: Did automation swing the US election?Management Today

Jul 2017 - Stop Talking About How Robots Will Steal Our JobsForbes

Jul 2017 - Smart, educated and exploited: how 'internships' help lock the young out of jobsThe Guardian

Jul 2017 - A Blueprint for Coexistence with Artificial IntelligenceWIRED

Jul 2017 - Advancing Automation Means Humans Need to Embrace Lifelong LearningEntrepreneur

Jul 2017 - Are robots taking over the world’s finance jobs?The Guardian

Jun 2017 - People are worried Amazon will replace Whole Foods workers with robotsWashington Post

Jun2017 - Bagaimana otomatisasi akan mempengaruhi Anda?BBC Indonesia

Jun 2017 - Why Free Money for Everyone Is Silicon Valley’s Next Big IdeaFortune

Jun 2017 - Konzerne gehen in Deutschland auf EinkaufstourFocus

Jun 2017 - What jobs will still be around in 20 years? Read this to prepare your futureThe Guardian

Jun 2017 - The Global Search for EducationHuffington Post

Jun 2017 - China's AI advantageForbes India

Jun 2017 - A new website calculates the probability that a robot will take over your jobBusiness Insider

Jun 2017 - 7 jobs robots can’t steal from youNew York Post

May 2017 - Making the Machines That Replace HumansThe Atlantic

May 2017 - Will robots take your job? These jobs may be automated in the futureFox News

May 2017 - Is The World Really Changing As Much As We Think?Forbes

May 2017 - Automation will have a bigger impact on jobs in smaller citiesNew Scientist

May 2017 - What the world's top consultants think about blockchain, AI and 3D printingManagement Today

May 2017 - It's time we educated children for the future, rather than limiting them to subjects of the pastThe Telegraph

May 2017 - The Parts of America Most Susceptible to AutomationThe Atlantic

May 2017 - Ein Roboter kostet sechs ArbeitsplätzeFrankfurter Allgemeine

May 2017 - Study: ‘Personality factors’ might save your job from the robotsCNBC

May 2017 - Map reveals the most at risk areas of America Daily Mail

Apr 2017 - As Robots Rise, How Artificial Intelligence Will Impact JobsForbes

Apr 2017 - Getting paid to do nothing: why the idea of China's dibao is catching onSouth China Morning Post

Apr 2017 - Employees Optimistic About The Role of Automation At WorkHuffington Post

Apr 2017 - Oxford-Ökonom erklärt, warum Trumps wichtigstes Wahlversprechen nicht umsetzbar isBusiness Insider

Apr 2017 - Die Produktion kommt zurück, die Jobs nichtWirtschaftsWoche

Apr 2017 - Wie Trump und Co. weiterhin die Wähler täuschenWirtschaftsWoche

Mar 2017 - Why cities like Barcelona need UberThe Economist

Mar 2017 - Why no job is safe from the rise of the robotsNew York Post

Mar 2017 - The robot debate is over: the jobs are gone and they aren't coming backThe Guardian

Mar 2017 - Blütezeit neuer Qualifikationen, Süddeutsche Zeitung

Mar 2017 - How Many Robots Does It Take to Replace a Human Job?The Atlantic

Mar 2017 - Daten essen Seele aufDie Zeit

Mar 2017 - Japan worker shortage has only one winner so far: robotsFinancial Times

Mar 2017 - Cutting Social Services Only Makes the Robotic Takeover WorseWIRED

Mar 2017 - Angela Eagle on Governing the Digital EconomyNew Statesman

Mar 2017 - Want utopia? Start with universal basic income and a 15-hour work weekWIRED

Mar 2017 - AI Deep Dive: NVDA, IBM, CRMNasdaq

Feb 2017 - Robots march on 'safe' jobs of middle classThe Times

Feb 2017 - 5 Things You May Not Know About Basic IncomeForbes

Feb 2017 - Robots may be taking our jobs, but that is no reason to tax themThe Times

Feb 2017 - Bill Gates calls for 'robot tax' on machines that replace human labor in a bid to slow down automation Daily Mail

Feb 2017 - End of jobsThe Statesman

Feb 2017 - Robot civil servants could help save taxpayer's cash by replacing 250,000 jobs The Telegraph

Feb 2017 - Rise of Robots: Boon for Companies, Tax Headache for LawmakersBloomberg

Feb 2017 - Should Humans Leave Space Exploration To Robots?Forbes

Feb 2017 - Is Finland’s basic universal income a solution to automation, fewer jobs and lower wages?The Guardian

Feb 2017 - Learning to Love Our Robot Co-WorkersThe New York Times

Feb 2017 - If the robots are coming for our jobs, make sure they pay their taxesThe Guardian

Jan 2017 - New Study Finds Uber Doesn’t Put Taxi Drivers Out of Work, But Does Drive Down PayFortune

Jan 2017 - Winners And Losers In The 'Gig Economy'BBC World Service

Jan 2017 - Uber hasn’t taken taxi drivers’ jobs but has slashed their wagesNew Scientist

Jan 2017 - Study Explores The Impact Of Uber On The Taxi Industry, Forbes

Jan 2017 - This Is How Uber Has Shaped the Taxi Labor MarketMIT Technology Review

Jan 2017 - Mulling the Economic Effect of Artificial IntelligenceThe Wall Street Journal

Jan 2017 - Parsing Populism and its Impact at Davos, Forbes

Jan 2017 - Lifelong learning is becoming an economic imperativeThe Economist

Jan 2017 - Robots Will Take Jobs, but Not as Fast as Some Fear, New Report SaysThe New York Times

Jan 2017 - Trump's protectionist policies may actually accelerate automation of US jobsCNBC

Jan 2017 - Oxford-Studie: In 25 Jahren werden 47 Prozent der Jobs verschwunden sein — und auch eurer ist nicht sicherBusiness Insider

Jan 2017 - Robots Will Devour Jobs More Slowly Than You ThinkMIT Technology Review

Jan 2017 - Don’t fear robots; they won’t render us joblessThe Japan Times

Dec 2016 - Our Automated FutureThe New Yorker

Dec 2016 - The age of the active fund manager is far from overFinancial Times

Dec 2016 - Destruction may outweigh creation this time aroundFinancial Times

Dec 2016 - Commentary: Don’t fear the robots; they won’t kill jobs, Reuters

Dec 2016 - Here's what will happen when millions of jobs are lost to robotsCNBC

Dec 2016 - Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Robots Stealing Your JobsFortune

Dec 2016 - Explosion in data ushers in new high-tech eraFinancial Times

Dec 2016 - The White House's Fix for Robots Stealing Jobs? Education, WIRED

Dec 2016 - Automation And The Future Of WorkForbes

Dec 2016 - Robots could replace almost half of US jobs by 2036Russia Today

Dec 2016 - Why cash handouts from the government could be the answer to robots taking our jobsCNBC

Dec 2016 - Artificial intelligence could cost millions of jobs. The White House says we need more of itWashington Post

Dec 2016 - Artificial Intelligence May Usher in a New Golden AgeNew York Times

Dec 2016 - AI could boost productivity but increase wealth inequality, the White House saysCNBC

Dec 2016 - White House Says That AI Will Grow The Economy - But Lots Of Jobs Will Be Lost On The WayForbes

Dec 2016 - Tech Industry May Struggle to Answer Trump’s Call for JobsBloomberg

Dec 2016 - What Trump and Clinton Supporters Misunderstand About Each OtherNewsweek

Dec 2016 - Robots won't kill the workforce. They'll save the global economyWashington Post

Dec 2016 - Der Mensch schafft sich abSueddeutsche Zeitung

Dec 2016 - The Low Unemployment Rate Is A Momentary Calm Before The Coming Economic StormForbes

Dec 2016 - Mark Carney Speech Sees Bank Of England Governor Warn Over Robot Job TakeoverHuffington Post

Dec 2016 - Is Universal Basic Income the Answer to an Automated Future?NBC News

Nov 2016 - Digitale Revolution: Der Roboterversteher, Frankfurter Allgemeine

Nov 2016 - Why pushing creativity out of classrooms will stop children succeeding in the 21st centuryThe Guardian

Nov 2016 - Trump's populism is only the beginning: Here come the robotsCNN

Nov 2016 - Populism thrives off the automation revolutionThe Japan Times

Nov 2016 - The battle over Uber and driverless cars is really a debate about the future of humanityThe Guardian

Nov 2016 - An die Maschinen!, Frankfurter Allgemeine

Nov 2016 - Elon Musk says robots will push us to a universal basic income—here’s how it would workCNBC

Nov 2016 - Vor dem IT-Gipfel: Mach dich fit für die Digitalisierung, Frankfurter Allgemeine

Oct 2016 - The Finance Sector Is Feeling the Robot BurnBloomberg

Oct 2016 - Clinton is wrong. You shouldn’t have to work to have a place in America, Washington Post

Oct 2016 - Will machines kill jobs?, The Korea Times

Oct 2016 - Obama warns of the danger of AI wiping out jobs, CNN

Oct 2016 - Automated InequalityHarvard Political Review

Oct 2016 - Will jobs exist in 2050?The Guardian

Oct 2016 - We Must Remake Society in the Coming Age of AI: ObamaWIRED

Sep 2016 - Ask an Economist: How Can Today’s College Students Future-Proof The Atlantic

Sep 2016 - Shell gets go-ahead for frontline robot to monitor Kazakh site, Financial Times

Sep 2016 - The automated city: do we still need humans to run public services?The Guardian

Sep 2016 - Robots, Growth, and InequalityInternational Monetary Fund

Aug 2016 - Does Automation Put Management and Creative Jobs at Risk?Forbes

Aug 2016 - Trump's Promise to Bring Back Jobs is Ignorant and CruelNewsweek

Aug 2016 - The Age of the Robot Worker Will Be Worse for MenThe Atlantic

Aug 2016 - Die hohe Kunst des MultitaskingWirtschaftsWoche

Aug 2016 - Oppenheimer: Jobs of the FutureCNN

Aug 2016 - Presidential Campaigns Are Talking Around The Robot In The RoomNational Public Radio

Jul 2016 - Human Work in the Robotic Future: Policy for the Age of AutomationForeign Affairs

Jul 2016 - Arbeitswelt 4.0: Mensch gegen Maschine, Frankfurter Allgemeine

Jul 2016 - The post-Brexit pain is yet to come for the emerging worldFinancial Times

Jul 2016 - Trump’s No. 1 lie about Mexico and U.S. jobsMiami Herald

Jul 2016 - Top White House Economist Dismisses the Idea of a Universal Basic Income, The Wall Street Journal

Jul 2016 - Machines Are Taking All The Jobs? What Decision-Makers Say And DoForbes

Jun 2016 - Is a guaranteed minimum income just money for nothing?Washington Post

Jun 2016 - Automation and anxietyThe Economist

Jun 2016 - The return of the machinery questionThe Economist

Jun 2016 - Why This Tech Company Is Giving 100 People Free MoneyTIME Magazine

Jun 2016 - Näh-Revolution: Die neue Gefahr für die ärmsten Staaten der Erde, Die Welt

Jun 2016 - I’m afraid I can’t do thatThe Economist

Jun 2016 - Rethinking the welfare stateThe Economist

Jun 2016 - Will automation destroy jobs?Management Today

Jun 2016 - The Wrong Inequality Solution: No One Has Anything, Forbes

Jun 2016 - Is a robot about to take your job?The Telegraph

Jun 2016 - Der TodesstichDie Welt

Jun 2016 - How the rise of the robots will affect your jobManagement Today

May 2016 - The Rise of Knowledge Workers Is Accelerating Despite the Threat of Automation, The Wall Street Journal

May 2016 - Meet the cobots: humans and robots together on the factory floorFinancial Times

May 2016 - After the robot revolution, what will be left for our children to do?The Guardian

Apr 2016 - How to robot-proof your children’s careers Financial Times

Apr 2016 - Work survival in the era of automation, Financial Times

Apr 2016 - Are robots going to steal your job? ProbablyThe Guardian

Apr 2016 - Fear of the robots is founded in the messy reality of labour, Financial Times

Apr 2016 - Surprisingly, These 10 Professional Jobs Are Under Threat From Big DataForbes

Mar 2016 - Technophobia is so last century, Financial Times

Mar 2016 - Wir brauchen Digitalkunde ab der ersten KlasseDie Zeit

Mar 2016 - Americans Think the Robots Are Coming for Many Jobs, But Not Their JobsThe Wall Street Journal

Mar 2016 - Will a lack of trust in robots hold back automation?The Guardian

Mar 2016 - Oxford-Prof. Frey im Interview: Verlieren wir den Kampf gegen die MaschinenBusiness Insider

Mar 2016 - Dieses Personal zickt nicht rum und will kein TrinkgeldDie Welt

Mar 2016 - China’s robot revolution, Financial Times

Mar 2016 - Obama's economists are worried about automation,

Mar 2016 - Welcome to the robot-based workforce: will your job become automated too?The Guardian

Mar 2016 - Why your next hotel will be staffed by robotsCNN

Feb 2016 - ‘Forgotten middle’ lacking digital skills, Financial Times

Feb 2016 - The Robots Are Coming for Wall StreetThe New York Times

Feb 2016 - The robots aren’t coming after youWashington Post

Feb 2016 - Streichel mich, sonst ersetz ich dich, Frankfurter Allgemeine

Jan 2016 - Machine earningThe Economist

Jan 2016 - What happened to the capex boom?The Economist

Jan 2016 - Weltbank-Bericht: Wer vom Internet profitiert - und wer nichtDer Spiegel

Jan 2016 - Droht mit Digitalisierung jedem zweiten Job das Aus?Die Welt

Jan 2016 - New Report Looks At Automation Risks By CityForbes

Jan 2016 - Rise of the robots threatens the poor, 

Jan 2016 - Amazon Touts Massive European Jobs Boost

Jan 2016 - Davos 2016: The 4 big themes facing the World Economic Forum, 

Dec 2015 - Nehmen Roboter den Menschen die Arbeit weg?

Dec 2015 - The Computer Revolution and the Fates of U.S. Cities, 

Dec 2015 - About those possible limits to creative destruction…, 

Dec 2015 - How Many of Your Daily Tasks Could Be Automated?, 

Dec 2015 - Study: Tech Firms Create Wealth, Not Jobs

Nov 2015 - Advent of the e-market

Oct 2015 - Finanzbranche: Digitalisierung - na und?

Oct 2015 - Meet Dash and OSHbot: the robot workers who might steal your job

Sep 2015 - The new white-collar fear: will robots take your job?

Sep 2015 - Why could a robot replace a police chief – but not me?

Aug 2015 - Productivity paradox deepens Fed’s rate-rise dilemma

Aug 2015 - Digitalisierung der Wirtschaft: Niemand ist unersetzlich

Aug 2015 - Schichtwechsel

Aug 2015 - Technology Is Only Making Social Skills More Important

Aug 2015 - The Rise of Job-Killing Automation? Not So Fast

Aug 2015 - Will machines eventually take on every job?

Jul 2015 - Computers will soon beat us at being human

Jul 2015 - Auf der zweiten Hälfte des Schachbretts

Jul 2015 - Same as It Ever Was

Jul 2015 - Job Terminator: Can robots learn your skills?

Jun 2015 - Who owns the future? How the prophets of Silicon Valley took control

Jun 2015 - Whose job is it to create the new jobs for the tech era?

May 2015 - Will automation and the internet of things lead to mass unemployment?

May 2015 - The Tech Threat

May 2015 - Humility: The No. 1 Job Skill Needed For The Smart Machine Age

May 2015 - Rise of the machines

May 2015 - Even Small Businesses Are Jumping on the Robot Bandwagon

Apr 2015 - The paradox of soil

Apr 2015 - Sechs Euro pro Stunde für einen Roboter

Mar 2015 - The case of the vanishing secretary

Mar 2015 - Deutschland für digitale Revolution nicht gerüstet

Mar 2015 - Digital economy transforms UK workforce

Mar 2015 - After Jobs Dry Up, What Then?

Mar 2015 - The definitive guide to whether or not a robot will take your job

Mar 2015 - Deutschland ist für die digitale Revolution nicht gerüstet

Mar 2015 - Future Of Work: Three Ways We Can Create Jobs From The Bottom Up

Mar 2015 - The Robots Are Coming

Mar 2015 - The Future of Work

Feb 2015 - 5 white-collar jobs robots already have taken

Feb 2015 - March of the robots

Feb 2015 - How To Beat Job-Destroying Robots

Feb 2015 - Robotarna har snart tagit över ditt jobb

Feb 2015 - Robots are leaving the factory floor and heading for your desk

Feb 2015 - Paying everyone a basic income would kill off low-paid menial jobs

Jan 2015 - Employment fears in the face of increasing automation

Dec 2014 - As Robots Grow Smarter, American Workers Struggle to Keep Up

Dec 2014 - Warum die Nerds schon bald aussterben werden

Dec 2014 - Will remote-controlled robots clean you out of a job?

Dec 2014 - How to stop robots from taking your job

Dec 2014 - Is AI a threat to humanity?

Dec 2014 - Wie Deutschland die digitale Revolution vorantreibt

Nov 2014 - Where Have All the Good Jobs Gone? Ask a Robot.

Nov 2014 - Doom and gloom

Nov 2014 - Technology threatens third of UK jobs, study suggests

Nov 2014 - Technology threatens 1 in 3 UK jobs, 

Nov 2014 - How Land-Use Restrictions Block Growth

Nov 2014 - Här är Reinfeldts testamente

Nov 2014 - Fredrik Reinfeldt håller tal på Muf:s stämma, Sveriges Television

Oct 2014 - Robots may spell ‘Control-Alt-Delete’ for workers

Oct 2014 - Countering Tech’s Damaging Effect on Jobs, The 

Oct 2014 - Where the jobs areUSA Today

Oct 2014 - The third great wave

Oct 2014 - Home economics

Oct 2014 - The MBA Of The Future Needs A Different Toolbox

Sep 2014 - Das Reich der Freiheit

Sep 2014 - Digital teknik tar över miljoner jobb

Aug 2014 - Robots Are People, Too

Aug 2014 - Will Your Children Be Able To Get A Good Job In The Age Of The Smart Machine?

Aug 2014 - Job killing automation a 'challenge'

Jul 2014 - When robots come for our jobs, will we be ready to outsmart them?

Jul 2014 - Will Automation Take Our Jobs?

Jul 2014 - Half of Europe’s Jobs Threatened by Machines

Jul 2014 - The Great Income Divide

Jul 2014 - Ist er besser als wir?

Jul 2014 - What Jobs Will Robots Have in the Future?

Jun 2014 - Will workplace robots cost more jobs than they create?, 

Jun 2014 - You Should Have Been a Doctor?, The New York Times

Jun 2014 - Lessons needed to beat the computer

Jun 2014 - Robot doctors, online lawyers and automated architects

Jun 2014 - Industrie 4.0 – Der gefährliche Tunnelblick der Consultants, 

Jun 2014 - The digital degree

May 2014 - Robots are already taking your jobs

May 2014 - Wird ein Roboter bald meinen Job übernehmen?,  

May 2014 - Kollege Roboter,  

May 2014 - The future is not what it used to be

Apr 2014 - Angriff der Roboter

Apr 2014 - La grande transformation du travail

Apr 2014 - It’s the Economy, The New York Times

Apr 2014 - Der Sieg der AlgorithmenDer Spiegel

Apr 2014 - Die Roboter sind unter uns,

Apr 2014 - The 'Bots Working Among Us

Mar 2014 - A mighty contest

Mar 2014 - Bill Gates: People Don't Realize How Many Jobs Will Soon Be Replaced By Software Bots

Mar 2014 - Jobben som tillhör framtiden

Mar 2014 - Technology: Rise of the replicants

Mar 2014 - Technology and trade policy is pointing America toward a job apocalypse, Washington Post

Mar 2014 - Your job taught to machines puts half U.S. work at risk

Feb 2014 - Enslave the robots and free the poor,

Feb 2014 - Non au techno-féodalisme, Le Monde

Feb 2014 - Plus de robots, moins de travail

Feb 2014 - Is your job safe in the second machine age?

Feb 2014 - Robotar snart redo att ta jobben

Feb 2014 - None of our politicians will tell you the truth: our jobs are doomed

Feb 2014 - Robotarna har snart tagit över ditt jobb

Feb 2014 - Neue Jobs für Roboter

Feb 2014 - Robotar snart redo att ta jobben

Feb 2014 - Closing the Productivity and Pay Gap

Jan 2014 - The Fastest-Growing Jobs of This Decade

Jan 2014 - Beware, the robots are coming, 

Jan 2014 - How Americans feel about inequality

Jan 2014 - Is a robot coming to take your job?

Jan 2014 - There could be trouble ahead

Jan 2014 - The onrushing wave, 

Dec 2013 - Robots And Software Eating Jobs? Let Them, You Can Create Your Own

Dec 2013 - Siri says 'dump him'? How mobile devices could run (or ruin) your life

Nov 2013 - Are robotic smart machines behind the jobless recovery?

Oct 2013 - 10 Reasons Texas Is Our Future

Oct 2013 - Study: 47% of jobs at risk of becoming automated

Oct 2013 - The future of work